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Walking excavator

Is your lawn up to your ears? Then RMS GmbH is just the right partner for you!

Energreen ILF R 1500

With RMS, you don’t have to worry about leaf removal anymore and you save valuable time.

Alstor 840 8X8 forwarder

Plows efficiently ensure safety in commercial and goods handling areas, on paths, and in access areas, parking areas, and parking garages.


Walking excavator (Menzi Muck 545)

Our walking excavator is a true all-rounder and is outstandingly suited for tasks in obstructed terrain such as working on steep slopes, in woods or forests, and in the water. The walking excavator offers unique abilities thanks to its sophisticated, high-tech chassis and patented excavator arm: A variety of hydraulic cylinders make it possible for the excavator to adjust its wheels and base to meet the needs of any site. This way, the walking excavator can work without any problems on slopes of up to 45 degrees (equivalent to a 100 percent incline) and make it up vertical steps of several meters. That means we can work professionally and efficiently even at sites with extreme conditions. Of course, the work is done by specially trained employees.

Energreen ILF R 1500

Thanks to its excellent performance and ability to be used for a wide variety of purposes, our Energreen ILF R1500 is a true all-rounder in the area of grounds maintenance. Various work equipment such as a pruning saw, woodcracker, mulcher, and forestry mulcher can be mounted on its extension arm, which is 12 meters long. An undercarriage for rail applications is installed on the vehicle specifically for railway embankment maintenance. The special attachment allows the machine to be converted very quickly into a railway vehicle to carry out work on tracks. Naturally the work is done by employees with a license to drive railway vehicles and in strict compliance with legal directives and with regard to all required authorizations. Because its telescopic boom allows the ILF R1500 to be equipped with a variety of attachments, it provides flexibility for the work to be done. With traditional machinery, work can be performed in one direction only, which results in lots of idle time due to empty runs. Thanks to the Rototilt, the Energreen ILF R1500 allows us to rotate the mulcher and work in two directions, which doubles the amount of work we can do while simultaneously minimizing working time and fuel consumption. This way, we can guarantee professional railway embankment and track maintenance. Not only that, but in regular road operation, the long telescopic boom is what allows us to

Fine-cutting mulcher

(1,2m working width)

Forestry mulcher

(1,2m working width)


(25 cm material thickness)

Circular saw

(2,14 m working width)

brings light
into the undergrowth.

Remote control flail mower (Robocut)

Maximum flexibility and efficient work performance even on extremely steep slopes. With a flail mower that was specially developed for use in complicated, dangerous, and narrow areas we can reach places where other mowers don’t have a chance. No matter if you want to mow in steep shore zones, in the immediate vicinity of power poles, along steep embankments, or in restricted areas such as railway embankments and in military complexes, our flail mower always delivers optimum results. Thanks to its extraordinary stability due to its crawler tracks and low center of gravity, our mower performs its work 25 times more quickly and with no problems on slopes with up to a 55-degree incline. This way, jobs that previously required a lot of work and time and were potentially dangerous can be completed efficiently.

Alstor 840 8X8 forwarder

Our Alstor forwarder is a flexible load carrier that provides professional work results even at sites with extreme conditions and in narrow spaces. The Alstor 840 Pro truly combines its advantages as a machine that enables sustainable forestry management, has a high load capacity, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Its low empty weight and 8-wheel drive allows the vehicle to enter even those areas that are difficult to access or located on steep slopes without damaging the forest floor or plants as it does so. In addition, because the vehicle is compact with its small dimensions, it doesn’t require a skid trail to drive on. Our specially trained employees complete every job efficiently and reliably, always providing high quality results.

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